Our annual publications outline emerging risks based on early signals we gather throughout the year.

SONAR = Systematic Observation of Notions Associated with Risk

We identify emerging risks through our proprietary SONAR tool, an internal crowdsourcing platform that collects input and feedback from underwriters, client managers, risk experts and others across the company. The emerging risk themes neither reflect the entire emerging risk landscape of the re/insurance industry nor that of Swiss Re.

We categorise the risk themes according to their estimated impact and potential timeframe to materialise as well as to the line of business where the biggest exposure seems to rest. Our reports, published since 2013, feature new emerging risk themes and trend spotlights, which are embedded into a broader perspective on long-term macro trends.?

SONAR 2019: New emerging risk insights

This year's top risks with the highest potential impact on the re/insurance industry include digital technology's clash with legacy hardware, new threats emerging from the spread of 5G mobile networks, genetic testing and adverse selection, increasingly limited fiscal and monetary flexibility, and the effects of climate change on life and health.


Special feature It's existential - climate change and life & health

The most pronounced risks from climate change affecting human health stem from heatwaves, floods, droughts, fires and vector-borne diseases. Without action, mortality rates and healthcare costs could soar.

Discover It's existential - climate change and life & health

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Rainer Egloff

Senior Emerging Risk Manager

Group Risk Management

Rainer Egloff ist seit 2012 bei Swiss Re in der Risikofrüherkennung im Rahmen der Abteilung Sustainability, Emerging and Poitical Risk Management t?tig.