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L&H Trend Spotlights

Select the topics below for an easy-to-read overview of trending risks in Life & Health underwriting. Get Swiss Re expertise, a big-picture summary and opinion on what it means for insurers. We incorporate this expertise into Swiss Re's Life Guide and our underwriting recommendations.?

Article Clinical studies for early cancer detection could be a game changer

Publication Eat this, not that?

Article Polygenic risk scores: a better cancer predictor for insurers?

Article Recalibrating mental health support amid shifting priorities

Publication COVID-19 and the likely long-term effects on survivors

Publication How does activity affect longevity?

Article COVID-19 – One virus, many faces

Publication Unravelling the true death toll of COVID-19

Publication Is sleep the new blood pressure?

Article The science, progress and high stakes of COVID-19 drug developments

Article COVID-19 is driving more mental health awareness...and opportunity?

Article The race for the holy grail: Is a swift COVID-19 vaccine within reach?

Publication Putting testing to the test: Using our body's immune response to fight COVID-19

Article When is it time to ease controls? Epidemiological scenarios to consider

Article Charting COVID-19 by country: Early actions brought big rewards

Publication COVID-19: What we know, what we're still learning… and what it all means for insurers

Article Is a mental health pandemic the next threat?

Publication Changing minds: How can insurers make a difference on the mental health journey?

Publication Lifestyle factors: The new frontier for risk assessment

Nano gold cancer detection

Liquid biopsy


Cannabis legalisation

E-cigarettes and vaping

Opioid misuse and addiction

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Publication E-cigarette complications and consequences

Publication Cancer screening; What's new, what's coming and what you should consider