P&C Business Management

Paying claims is our industry's ultimate promise and helps make the world more resilient.

As risk complexity grows, as insureds' expectations increase and as technology changes our lives, the execution of that promise must evolve too. Our goal is to be your partner on this journey.

Responsive and transparent

We seek to provide exceptional claims service, that is to say accessible, responsive teams with whom you can have a transparent dialogue, and your claims settled fairly and quickly. When you're faced with large, complex claims, you can rely on our experienced claims professionals, utilising our global connections and expertise, to support you.

Giving you the confidence in times of major events, to concentrate on your Insureds, not on your reinsurers.

Smarter together

Exchanging knowledge, expertise and data to create solutions is at the heart of what we do. Through our best-in-class claims conferences, webinars, publications and research on emerging claims trends, we facilitate open forums and tangible insights to support your portfolio management and identify new business opportunities.


The rapidly evolving risk landscape requires innovative responses from our claims teams. At Swiss Re, we're investing in claims digitisation and automation, new technologies and leading industry standards to ensure claims operations are fit for the future.

Working with our underwriting and smart analytics teams, we offer portfolio trend identification and management as well as developing claims solutions to new areas such as telematics, smart homes, cyber and parametric covers.

We also offer economic and legal finality solutions with claims run-off capabilities to manage your legacy, allowing you to focus on new growth opportunities.

These are exciting times and we look forward to being your partner on the journey ahead.

To learn more about our claims services, legacy solutions and how we can support you, simply reach out to your usual Swiss Re contact.

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